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Pallet Wood art with lights in dark
Pallet Wood art with lights in dark

The retro apple logo pallet wood art was a Christmas gift to my son as he is an Apple fan. The wood art evolved as I built it. The wood art was completely build using pallet wood and stuck together with glue.

Materials needed

Pallet wood deck boards

Wood glue

Spare chip board to create the template

A print of the logo on paper

This is how I went about building the pallet wood wall art of a retro apple logo

Create the chip board template

Start by taking a print of the design you want to create. In my case it was an outline of the apple logo. I printed it out of a A4 sheet and cut if using scissors to get me the paper template.

Print template

I then pasted the paper template to chip board using wood glue and waited for it to dry.

Paste template to chipboard

Once it was dry, using my Band Saw, I cut out a template from the chip board. This was the basis for me to start using the template to cut the logo out of pallet wood.

Create the pallet wood logo parts

I measured the height of the cut out template. This was to determine the height of each of the individual strips that for the unique apple color strips. The retro apple logo has 6 colors on the apple body. The leaf has the same color as the top most strip. I divided the height of the template by 6 to get the height of the individual strips.

Cut stripes from the deckboard

I then cut individual strips equal to the height of each of the apple color strips I calculated previously. Once I had those strips, I place them on my work bench separated by consistent gap between each other.

Mark template of stripes

I placed the chipboard template on the pallet wood strips and drew the outline on the cut strips. Then I used the markings to cut the shapes using the band saw.

Cut shape using band saw

I placed the cut wood art parts side by side to get the desired look for the wood art. For me the shapes together look like below.

Shapes together

Create the wood art support structure

I next started to create a support which would act as a background for the wood art pieces. For the support, I used 5 pieces of pallet wood to place them side by side. The pallet pieces were of different lengths to give a random look.

Wood art support

I used two thin stripes of pallet wood to stick to the back of the support. The supports can be used to fix the wood art to the wall. I glued the two strips to the support boards. Initially, I started with 3 support boards but then decided to add two more as that looked better.

I waited for the support to dry and made sure the pallet boards are strongly glued together before I then stained the pallet wood support with wood stain.

Stained wood look

Prepare logo parts with supports

I next added some supports to the wood parts. These supports will make the wood art standout from the background.

I used the thin pallet wood stripes to cut them into cubes. These cubes were glued to the wood art parts as shown below.

Logo part supports

I glued the supports to the logo parts and used the original template to clamp the supports strongly to the logo parts.

Clamp supports to logo parts

Paint the wood art parts

The next step was to paint the wood art parts with the apple logo retro colours. The colours need not be exactly the same as the original logo colours. I just used some approximate match to identify the correct colour to each of the cut stripes. I used acrylic paint to colour the wood.

Painting the logo parts

Fix lights to the wood art support

I started to drill some holes into the wood art support to fix some led lights while the wood art pain dried. I used a staple gun to staple the light wire to the back of the supports. The idea was to have some lights right behind the logo coming through the wire and some fixed at the edge so that we see a nice light border.

Putting lights behind the support

Finally glue all wood art parts to the wood art support

I then glued the logo parts to the support so that they hide the lights that come out of the support.

Logo parts glued

Check out the pictures below for the final look of how the wood art looks once the lights were switched on. The wood art can be used as a night light and as a show piece. You can create any shape you want and show it in the format shown below.

Wood art with lights
Wood art with lights in dark

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are able to create something similar. Check out my youtube video below for the detailed steps.

Here is a link to my post contain some really nice projects that you can try.

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